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Local Classifieds:
Geographically targeted
online advertising

Businesses can target any geographical location in Australia with our local classifieds for selling specific products or services online.

Geographical Areas

Every business serves a particular geographical area. It makes sense to advertise directly to the particular locality your business serves. Our local classifieds can be targeted to a specific suburb, city, region, state or Australia-wide.

We currently have classifieds targeting Australia and Wollongong. Please see the following local areas:

If the a category fitting your products or services or the geographical area you would like to advertise to is not listed above, no worries! We can easily add a category or area to the list.

Long-term Adverts for Specific
Products and Services

Our local classifieds work because they are designed to be seen by internet users who are searching specifically for a particular product or service within a particular locality.

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